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02/07/2019 - 14:38

Winning the hearts! 

Actu%20web%202e%20march%c3%a9%20de%20france.001 <p>We did it! Well, almost that is. On Friday 14th June, Dieppe&rsquo;s famous Saturday morning market was voted 2nd best in the whole country, the big winner being Montbrison in the Loire region. After two months of tough competition, most <em>Dieppois</em> were of course disappointed not to win the title, but everyone still had a smile of their face when the results were announced. Finishing second is still a fantastic achievement, especially when you know that over 260 towns and villages were competing at the start.&nbsp;</p> <p>Here in Dieppe, we all know that our market is undoubtably one of France&rsquo;s best, we just wanted to prove it to the rest of the country. Spreading over two kilometres from the top of the Quai Henri IV, up the Grande Rue and into several side streets, it is first of all Normandy&rsquo;s largest market. Every Saturday from 8am, the town centre is transformed into an open-air street theatre which comes alive with an array of colours, scents and flavours. The market is so rich and plentiful that one really can&#39;t decide where to look or what to buy first, and you could actually spend all morning strolling through the busy streets.</p> <p>Over the past year, these streets have become even busier. In 2018, Dieppe was already proudly representing Normandy in the national competition to elect France&#39;s most beautiful market (Votre Plus Beau March&eacute;). Last year, we finished at the 8th place, which was already a good result. Extra efforts were put in this year, and the town centre was absolutely jam-packed when a television crew from TF1 (Europe&rsquo;s most-watched TV channel) came to Dieppe to showcase the authenticity and the diversity of our market. Over six million viewers were able to see just how much this weekly <em>rendez-vous</em> matters to Dieppe.&nbsp;</p> <p>Today more than ever before, people come from far and wide to enjoy the warm, relaxed, friendly and homey atmosphere that makes Dieppe the place it is. Over the past few weeks, I spoke to visitors from Paris, Lille and even Belgium who had travelled to our beautiful town just to see and experience the Saturday-morning market. This is of course hugely beneficial to our local economy, and helps Dieppe&rsquo;s town centre stay alive, especially at a time where many are talking about &lsquo;the death of the high-street&rsquo;. People come for the market and stay for the wonderful restaurants, gorgeous scenery, livery streets and historical treasures.&nbsp;</p> <p>Dieppe&rsquo;s top-rated market is just one element of the renaissance that Dieppe is currently experiencing. As I already pointed out, visitor numbers are on the rise, the local music scene is booming, new trendy shops, caf&eacute;s and restaurants are opening, the Alpine car factory is in full swing and several big projects are being implemented, such as the opening of a new ultra-modern multiplex cinema in October and a big sea life centre planned for 2022. Come see for yourselves, you won&rsquo;t regret it!</p>

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