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03/12/2019 - 10:32

The fun never stops! 

Pa3 7425 <p>What a weekend! On 16 and 17 November, tens of thousands of hungry visitors descended on Dieppe to celebrate the 50thanniversary of our famous herring and scallop fair. The event promised to be epic and it certainly was. The quaysides were packed from dusk to dawn and a true festive spirit was in the air. Despite the chilly weather, nothing could spoil the fantastic atmosphere. The forecasters had predicted rain. It didn&rsquo;t rain a drop. The news readers talked about social protests. There were none. Everywhere you looked, people had smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes. Dieppe definitely was the place to be and the town put on a show to remember.&nbsp;</p> <p>At nightfall, a delightful family-friendly sound and light parade illuminated and animated the streets, followed by one of the most impressive firework displays Dieppe had ever seen! Locals and visitors alike were left dazzled by the beauty of it all. This was truly Dieppe at is best: a welcoming, festive, authentic, friendly and yummy seaside town, whose heart beats year-round. I was surprised, and pleased, to hear so many foreign accents and speak to lots of Parisians who were visiting Dieppe for the very first time. Our town is the closest beach to the capital, yet many of its inhabitants have yet to discover France&rsquo;s oldest seaside resort.&nbsp;</p> <p>On the same weekend, Dieppe&rsquo;s new multiplex cinema opened its doors in the heart of town, right opposite the busy train station. I wrote about this exciting new development last month, but wasn&rsquo;t quite expecting it to be as good as it is. First of all, the place is huge, boasting eight screens in comfy, large rooms. Without doubt, it is also one of France&rsquo;s most beautiful new movie theatres, combining the best of the old and the modern. The immense brick building in which the cinema is housed has been beautifully restored and is an attraction in itself. Under the same roof, you will also find one of France&rsquo;s largest sport bars, a virtual reality park and a French Coffee Shop (our answer to Starbucks).&nbsp;</p> <p>Now make way for the festive season! The lights are sparking across town, a huge Christmas tree has been installed right in front of the Caf&eacute; des Tribunaux, one of Dieppe&rsquo;s most iconic landmarks, and quirky trees made of colourful scallop shells and herring figures are proudly standing at the top of the Quai Henri IV, beneath the beautifully-illuminated arcades. They certainly stand out and, just like Dieppe, have character! Enjoy the last days of the year!</p> <p><em>&copy; Photo : Pascal Diologent</em></p>

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