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28/10/2019 - 15:32

Ready for the big screen!

Pa3 1751 <p>France is a fabulous country, but it has its downsides. For years, soft urban planning rules on the outskirts of towns led to the development of horrendous shopping areas which sucked the life out of the high streets. Many mid-sized towns are suffering and are now trying to repair the damage caused by imposing new regulations. &lsquo;Too little, too late&rsquo;, some say&hellip; Here in Dieppe however, we are fortunate enough to still have a bustling town centre packed with independent shops, caf&eacute;s, bars and restaurants. Over twenty new stores have opened since the beginning of the year and more are still to follow. Dieppe has an empty shop rate of only 7%, which is quite impressive considering the national average of over 11%.&nbsp;</p> <p>It&rsquo;s not only shops that have been moving to the suburbs though. Over the past years, many modern multiplex cinemas surrounded by giant car parks have flourished across the country, while in the meantime several centrally located independent movie theatres have shut their doors. Things are starting to change again though, and Dieppe is leading the way. On 16 November, one of the first modern multiplex cinemas housed in a historic building will open in the heart of our lively seaside town. Located right next to the train station, this immense brick building, which was once a tobacco factory, has been converted into an ultra-modern 8 screen cinema, complete with a virtual reality park, a huge sports bar and a French Coffee Shop.&nbsp;</p> <p>This highly anticipated new complex will undoubtedly be met with huge success when it opens its doors in a couple of weeks&rsquo; time. Dieppe&rsquo;s current cinema was way too small for an urban area of over 80,000 inhabitants, and locals are especially excited to see how the building has been refurbished from top to toe. Standing adjacent to the train station, just a stone&rsquo;s throw away from the port, the hospital and the big cultural centre, the &lsquo;halle &agrave; tabac&rsquo; is a well-known edifice which sat empty for decades. It will now welcome tens of thousands of spectators every year, along with virtual reality enthusiasts, coffee lovers and sport fanatics. Many people living near Rouen, Normandy&rsquo;s capital, have already said that they will now start travelling up to Dieppe to catch a movie, adding extra footfall to our town centre.&nbsp;</p> <p>Several other major projects are lined up for the coming years around Dieppe&rsquo;s train station, including one of Europe&rsquo;s most innovative and beautiful sea centres. Watch this space&hellip;</p> <p><em>&copy; Photo : Pascal Diologent</em></p>

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