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05/10/2017 - 11:02

Onwards and upwards!

Dieppe pesquet 1 <p>On multiple occasions, I have taken to this blog to showcase and highlight the fact that Dieppe is one of France&rsquo;s most surprising, interesting and attractive middle-sized towns. After a very sunny spring and a jam-packed summer, which both saw an increase in visitor numbers, Dieppe will be under the spotlight again this autumn, and for multiple reasons. First, the town&rsquo;s biggest shining stars will be back home this month for two events which will draw crowds to our shores. On Thursday 5 October, reggaeman Na&acirc;man, now a music celebrity in France, across Europe and even in Jamaica, will return to the town where he grew up and gave his very first concerts. Just before midnight, he will come meet friends and fans at Disques Shop, Dieppe&rsquo;s only remaining record store, where he will sign copies of his new album, &lsquo;Beyond&rsquo;.</p> <p>&copy; ESA - montage Ville de Dieppe</p> <p>A week later, Thomas Pesquet&rsquo;s homecoming is sure to get national coverage as it will be the first time that the astronaut retruns to the town he referred to as <em>&ldquo;France&rsquo;s best kept secret&rdquo; </em><em>since leaving the </em>International Space Station as part of Expedition 50/Expedition 51. Although he now lives in Germany, Thomas grew up in a small village near Dieppe and went to high school at the Lyc&eacute;e Jehan Ango, where he obtained his Baccalaur&eacute;at (A-Levels). He will be greeted by Mayor Nicolas Langlois and MP S&eacute;bastien Jumel, who will give him a very special gift: a knife designed by ivory-carver Annick Colette and knifemaker Fran&ccedil;ois Queneuil, made from mammoth ivory and meteorite fragments!</p> <p>On the economic and touristic side, Dieppe&rsquo;s casino is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and upgrade which will enhance its facilities and activities. Located on the second floor of the building, the Grand Hotel has just obtained its fourth star, meaning the town now counts three high-range hotels. They will soon be joined by a small luxury boutique hotel which is under construction on the historic site of the <em>Tour aux Crabes</em>, above the marina, and which is scheduled to open its doors at the end of next year. Dieppe will therefore offer a very wide range of hotels and gites to suit various tastes and budgets.</p> <p>Another piece of good news is the construction of the town&rsquo;s new ultra-modern multiplex cinema, which will begin at the end of this year. Built within the derelict <em>Halle &agrave; tabac</em>, un old industrial building adjacent to the train station, the cinema will boast eight screens, some of which will be equipped with 4D technology. The theatre will showcase a selection of international blockbusters, French movies and arthouse films. On the other side of the station, opposite the fishing port, a new shopping and leisure centre is also on the cards, which will bring a big boost to the local economy. Dieppe is definitely on the move! <a name="_GoBack"></a></p>

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